Curr Eye Res. 2005; 30:1051-1059.

Gene transfer to trabecular meshwork endothelium via direct injection into Schlemm’s canal and in vivo toxicity study.

Hudde T, Apitz J, Johnson K, Bordes-Alonso R, Heise K, Johnson KTM, Steuhl K-P, Pützer BM.

Our aim was to investigate the efficiency of adenoviral gene transfer via direct injection into the Schlemm canal ex vivo in human donor eyes and to examine the effect of human MMP-3 transgene expression in a rat model in vivo.


A viscocanalostomy-like operation was performed and adenoviral vector encoding for MMP-3 and green fluorescent protein was injected into human Schlemm canal or rat anterior chamber.


Transgene expression was high in trabecular meshwork endothelium in human donor eyes. In vivo, adenovirus caused dose-dependent inflammation.


Direct injection of adenoviral vectors into the Schlemm canal has potential in glaucoma treatment.
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