Laboratory course and seminar: Molecularmedicine and vector development

Zeit: 09.00-16:00, (5 days),IEGT labs, BMFZ, Schillingallee 69

Semester: WS

Dozent(en): Prof. B.M. Pützer, Dr. O. Herchenröder, Dr. A. Spitschak

Beschreibung: Contents: Basics in molecular research in medicine, pathomechanisms, viral and non-viral vector systems, virus-host-interactions, voris-cell-interactions, therapeutic strategies, clinical applications, regulatory aspects and targeting strategies, insight into animal models. Methodological/practicalcontents: production of vectors and quality control, DNA-cloning, techniques for gene- and protein expression analyses, individual genetics in molecular and preventive medicine, ethical aspects in science, gaining methodological competences,optimized strategies in diagnostics and therapy, safe handling of replication-competent vectors, application, and documentation of experiments involving genetically engineeredorganisms, gaining experience in optimized design of scientific experiments, uncovering causative pathogeneticcorrelations, German gene technology legislation.

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