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Multidisciplinary Approaches in Exploring Cancer Heterogeneity, TME and Therapy Resistance: Perspectives for Systems Medicine in Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology

Despite significant advances that have shattered previous dogmas about the causes of tumor metastasis, the development of therapies to treat or prevent aggressive disease progression has not kept pace and remains the most important challenge. In this “Research Topic”, the contributors provide in-depth insights into cancer etiology, molecular mechanisms, heterogeneity, and the role of the tumor microenvironment in metastasis. The synopsis will stimulate interdisciplinary work and the combination of wet- and dry-lab skills required for future translational research.

The Editorial, individual articles, and informations about the Topic Editors are found here:


The E-book can be conveniently downloaded here:

Multidisciplinary approaches in exploring cancer … Part 1, pages 1-72
Multidisciplinary approaches in exploring cancer … Part 2, pages 73-137

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