J Neurooncol. 2016 Feb;126(3):585-92.

Effect of 10 different polymorphisms on preoperative volumetric characteristics of glioblastoma multiforme.

Henker C, Kriesen T, Fürst K, Goody D, Glass Ä, Pützer BM, Piek J.
There is a distinct diversity between the appearance of every glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) on pretreatment magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) with a potential impact on clinical outcome and survival of the patients. The object of this study was to determine the impact of 10 different single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) on various volumetric parameters in patients harboring a GBM. We prospectively analyzed 20 steroid-naïve adult patients who had been treated for newly diagnosed GBM. The volumetry was performed using MRI with the help of a semiautomated quantitative software measuring contrast enhancing tumor volume including necrosis, central necrosis alone and peritumoral edema (PTE). We calculated ratios between the tumor volume and edema (ETR), respectively necrosis (NTR). SNP analysis was done using genomic DNA extracted from peripheral blood genotyped via PCR and sequencing. There was a strong correlation between tumor volume and PTE (p < 0.001), necrosis (p < 0.001) and NTR (p = 0.003). Age and sex had no influence on volumetric data. The Aquaporin 4-31G > A SNP had a significant influence on the ETR (p = 0.042) by decreasing the measured edema compared with the tumor volume. The Interleukin 8-251A > T SNP was significantly correlated with an increased tumor (p = 0.048), PTE (p = 0.033) and necrosis volume (p = 0.028). We found two SNPs with a distinct impact on pretreatment tumor characteristics, presenting a potential explanation for the individual diversity of GBM appearance on MRI and influence on survival.
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