J Virol. 2003 Nov;77(21):11324-31.

Feline foamy virus genome and replication strategy.

Roy J, Rudolph W, Juretzek T, Gärtner K, Bock M, Herchenröder O, Lindemann D, Heinkelein M, Rethwilm A.
Crucial aspects of the foamy virus (FV) replication strategy have so far only been investigated for the prototypic FV (PFV) isolate, which is supposed to be derived from nonhuman primates. To study whether the unusual features of this replication pathway also apply to more-distantly related FVs, we constructed feline FV (FFV) infectious molecular clones and vectors. It is shown by quantitative RNA and DNA PCR analysis that FFV virions contain more RNA than DNA. Full-length linear DNA was found in extracellular FFV by Southern blot analysis. Similar to PFV, azidothymidine inhibition experiments and the transfection of nucleic acids extracted from extracellular FFV indicated that DNA is the functional relevant FFV genome. Unlike PFV, no evidence was found indicating that FFV recycles its DNA into the nucleus.
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