Main lecture: MolecularVirology

Zeit: Thursdays, 12:15-13:00, lecture hall, Schillingallee 70

Semester: WS

Dozent(en): Dr. O. Herchenröder

Beschreibung: Classification and systematics of viruses, Baltimore classification system, genetic makeup of viruses: enveloped or naked, DNA or RNA, single- or double-stranded, segmented genomes, virus genes: structural or regulatory, virus replication: tropism, virus-cell-interaction, pathomechanisms, acute vs. chronic disease, molecular mechanisms of virus infections, latent and persistent infections, lysis, necrosis, apoptosis, immunological reactions, retroviruses, integration, oncogenic viruses, mechanisms of transformation and tumor formation, endogenous retroviruses, diagnostics of viral infections, immunization and prevention, antiviral therapy, viral gene transfer systems.

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