Therapy control in HIV patients in Africa …

… remains a challenge for the doctors on site. Within the framework of a long-standing cooperation between the University Medical Center Rostock and the regional hospital of the Cameroonian port city Limbe, four doctors and scientists from Rostock travelled to the Guinea coast.
The main focus of this trip was the establishment of a method for the approximate determination of the HI-virus load. Dr. Ottmar Herchenröder drew on his earlier research work to enable the simultaneous detection of all HIV subtypes circulating in Cameroon within a single test. In this procedure, the HIV RNA in the patients’ blood is amplified in a three-step process, allowing physicians to estimate the viral load of their patients and optimize therapy. Intensive training of the laboratory staff and provision of control sera enables doctors in Cameroon to monitor the compliance of their patients from now on and to detect early on the development of resistance to the standard treatment of their patients.

Dr. Herchenröder instructs laboratory personnel in Cameroon.

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