Dr. rer. nat.

Stella Logotheti

(+49) 381 494-4936
Stella Logotheti holds a university degree in Biology, a MSc in Systems Biology and a PhD in the Molecular Biology of Cancer. She has long-term experience in the transcriptional regulation of protein-coding and non-coding genes, with a particular emphasis on the transcription factor p73. She applies systems biology methods, in combination with multiomics, experimental validation and functional assays to mechanistically elucidate processes underlying metastatic progression. She is currently studying how developmental and/or tissue-specific differentiation programs, for instance, neurodevelopment and neurodifferentiation, are co-opted by cancer cells, to acquire selective advantages, to modulate the tumor microenvironment and eventually, to evolve towards aggressive stages. She is also interested in the reprogramming of somatic cells via interventions to transcriptional networks for tissue engineering purposes such as biological pacemaking.


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